Nour Bouhou, PhD, Lends Expertise to SWE Panel



Nour Bouhou, Consultant with Spire Consulting Group, will sit on a panel titled “Leading from the Inside Out: Executive Perspectives on Leading and Leveraging Gender Diversity” for the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) in San Jose, CA on February 24th. The discussion will center around integrating different work and communication styles between genders to create a more effective and collaborative workspace for everyone. Ms. Bouhou will be joined by several top engineering professionals from companies such as Intel Corporation, Keysight Technologies, and Roche/Genetech Supply Chain.

Ms. Bouhou was asked to participate on the panel as she has experienced gender diversity, or the lack-there-of, first hand in her career. From working on a construction site in France to innovating construction and engineering practices in an office, she has truly seen the need for a more gender-diverse workplace in a male-dominated field. Ms. Bouhou wants to empower more women to enter the fields of construction and engineering as they currently make up 9% and 18% of the industries respectively. Additionally, she wants to encourage all organizations to leverage both gender and experience diversity in the workplace to improve overall performance for employees and the firms.

The panel is part of the larger WE Local, which aims to give SWE members in the Bay area a chance to interact and collaborate on topics such as career management and life transitions, inclusion and cultural awareness, and innovation and disruption.

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Nour Bouhou, PhD, Lends Expertise to SWE Panel | Spire Consulting Group